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We need to improve communication and commitment on upcoming events.

o   It takes a lot of effort to plan these excursions, and we need YOUR help.

o   Please talk with your Scout about the events listed below.

o   Then, log into Scoutbook and indicate whether you or your Scout will attend (or not). Some events require significant logistical planning, and become near impossible when we cant figure out who plans to attend. Please help us help YOU and YOUR Scout.

Upcoming events for Troop 47:

·         Jan 22-24 - Council Klondike Derby 5pm @ Camp Greenough

·         Jan 29-31 - King Pine Ski Trip 5pm @ King Pine Resort, NH

·         Jan 30 - Cub Scout Pinewood Derby 10am @ First Church of Christ Basement, Main St, Sandwich

·         Mar 19 - Pack 46 Blue & Gold Banquet 2:30pm @ Masonic Lodge, Main St, Sandwich

·         Apr 01-03 - Cape House Weekend 6pm @ Cape House, Stowe Rd, Sandwich, MA

·         Apr 29-May 01 - 54th Annual West Point Invitational Camporee 12pm @ United States Military Academy, West Point, NY (Signup Deadline is January 27).

Important Note: ADVANCEMENT CHANGES for 2016


 Scout Book Note:

The troop has adopted Scoutbook as an electronic method of tracking advancement. This is in addition to (not replacement of) the Scout handbook and merit badge blue cards. It is a very powerful tool and has helped several scouts already:


1)      During a review with one of the boys, we discovered that he had completed all of his rank merit badge requirements, but didn’t realize it. Thanks to Scoutbook, he is ready to advance.

2)      A Scout forgot his handbook but wasn’t sure which requirements he needed. Because he kept Scoutbook updated, it was an easy lookup.

3)      Several Scouts have indicated completion of certain requirements in Scoutbook. This lets the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters know who is ready

4)      Scoutbook is working on a feature for patrol leaders to know what requirements the Scouts in their patrol need, so they can help them at the next meeting.


Ultimately, advancement is up to the individual Scout. While we try to meet with each Scout several times a year, only the Scout knows when he has completed requirements. Using Scoutbook will help each Scout track his progress, and signal completion to the leadership. If the Scout is updating in Scoutbook, it will make the job of the advancement chair much easier.


We also use Scoutbook to update the calendar and send communications. You may elect to receive communication by text. This is very helpful when we are camping and need to communicate to parents in situations where weather happens and we plan to leave early.  I encourage every parent to login, edit their profile to include text notices, and grant their son access. ONLY a parent can grant their child access to Scoutbook. Your son must have his own e-mail account. Only a Scout (or leader) can update his advancement in Scoutbook, once he has access.


In the fall/ winter, we will encourage the PLC to have a Cyber Troop meeting. This will include instruction on how to use Scoutbook, Cyber Chit, responsible use of electronic devices, and Internet Safety.


If you have any questions about Scoutbook (www.scoutbook.com). Please ask me or your Scoutmaster Paul Hagist.







Last Updated: Saturday, January 16, 2016